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Q.  Emergency Physicians often encounter patients having experienced a first-time seizure and must make decisions about the initiation of anticonvulsant therapy.  After a single seizure, what portion of patients will have a recurrence within 2 years?

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aimee nefcy said...


ALoynd said...

30-50% according to the latest and greatest on emedicine.
It depends on what caused the first seizure...trauma induced is less likely to recur.
Also depends on if you treated the cause (ie if from a metabolic cause or from a fever) treat the condition and the seizure shouldnt recur.

Anonymous said...

Up to 25% of patients with first time generalized seizure with have a recurrence within 2 years

French JA, Pedley TA. Clinical practice. Initial management of epilepsy. N Engl J Med. Jul 10 2008;359(2):166-76. [Medline].

John W.

Jeff said...

Unprovoked seizures in adults will re-occur within the next two years at a rate of 30-50%. Because of this, it is recommended that seizure prophylaxis is not started in an adult pt after the first unprovoked seizure as the side-effects of the anti-epileptic may not outweigh the cost of preventing another seizure that may never happen!

Kevin said...

In untreated adults, the recurrence is 40-50%.